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Sidechain input the same as the source! Huge CPU saving wen Reverb ducking!

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asked Jun 21, 2020 in Mixing by kurtismcloughlin1 (840 points)

A lot of EDM producers and especially me love their sidechain reverbs! I would like to be able to choose the input for the sidechain, the same as the source. Like in the pic below. I've used the splitter in normal mode and then routed one side to a reverb and then compressor. This sounds great on leads if you want to create that whooshing in and out reverb sound. This technique sounds pretty good on whatever you put reverb on, just so you don't drown your sounds out.

This is very easy to do on sends but the problem is that when you have a bunch of these on multiple sends, it can really put a huge strain on the CPU! 

I want to me able to do this so I can freeze the tracks and save up a HUGE amount of CPU!

I used to do the exact same thing in Ableton before I moved to S1. Thanks guys! 

You can see in the pic that I'm not able to choose the trigger the same as the source! 

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answered Jul 21, 2020 by HopTzop (2,850 points)
Wouldn't this create a feedback loop? The reverb will end up triggering itself. Also you can actually do it, just don't use the top menu sidechain, use the sends of the track and send the signal to the Pro-C2 and you'll notice the feedback problem.