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How to use StudioLive AR16c and Studio One 4.6 to crate a Cue Mix

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asked Jun 21 in AR Hybrid USB Mixers by roknrex (310 points)
Greetings I don't see many training videos for the new StudioLive AR16C mixer. I want to use Studio One 4.6 with my Studiolive AR16C to create a CUE mix.  I am unclear on the mixer configuration since everything from my iMac comes in via USB-C, please help.



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answered Jun 23 by jonnydoyle (361,570 points)
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You will need to send the audio back into the mixer on a USB send from Studio One. 

Have you engaged the USB button to hear back what you have recorded? 

USB return 1/2 - Section 3.3/Page 9

USB return 3/4 - Section 3.2.1/Page 9