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Can I hardwire a tablet to my DAW to use remotely in my vocal booth

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asked Jun 23 in Studio One 4 by ricnickels (120 points)
I know there is a wifi app to connect my Samsung tablet to my DAW (desktop) but for a better connection  I would like to hardwire it. Is that at all possible?

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answered Jun 27 by aka_busker (10,190 points)
Hi.  My best understanding is that there is no direct support via tablets hardwired to a computer through S1 Remote App.  At this point I am guessing because I have never tried.  I like the remote aspects of it but I also have hardware controllers for mixing with.  My first controller was a NanoKontrol, by Korg.  This supported transport, fader AND marker support.  It's dirt cheap too.  However, last year I upgraded to a Faderport 16.  My Nanokontrol is now relegated to "dust catcher" even though it served me well for a few years.  The Nanokontrol is cheap (around $50 or £45) and requires little set-up.  The Faderports come in all shapes and sizes.  A single channel, an 8 channel, a 16 channel and theres a funky new "controller/audio unit" from Presonus (single fader).    Its worth pointing out, I don't really use the remote app like "the average bear".  I use mine to cater to the functions missing from the Faderport.  Largely Macro controls like adding inserts to a track etc.