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Can I use AudioBox only for input and DJM800 master out (XLR cables) for booth monitor speakers?

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asked Aug 25, 2016 in AudioBox USB by Bumbss (210 points)

Sir, your answer is in worth of gold! I have never heard my recordings in this kind of quality! I really appreciate your answer!

For someone reading this you need to set AudioBox as a recording device in your PC. I use Audacity and everything seems to work just great by following the steps shown in the answer! Just one more question to make things more clear:

Can I use DJM 800 outputs with XLR cables for my Booth monitor speakers NOT AudioBox output (TRS cables). Does something change if I'll use AudioBox output for Booth monitors instead of DJM output? 

Just recorded a small sample with the way I described here but I can hear a little distortion on Kick sound in a track. Could it be because I did not use AudioBox as a output (the input levels did not peak)? And what does the 'vampire tap' mean? Will AudioBox act as vampire tap only in case if I use it as audio output for Booth monitors?

Thanks in advance!

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answered Aug 25, 2016 by AlexTinsley (924,650 points)
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The problem may be that the output of the Booth Monitor may be too hot for the -10db input on the AudioBox USB. 

In this case you'll need to use the Rec RCA Outputs next to the Master 2 jacks. However you'll need to get a different box to go between the DJM-800 and the AudioBox to match the impedance levels from the Consumer RCA Outputs and the -10db 1/4" TRS Inputs. 

Something like the ART CleanBox Pro or the Rolls ProMatch

Then connect the REC RCA outputs to one of these boxes, then the XLR Out of those boxes to the XLR or TRS inputs on the AudioBox USB. Then you'll have the Record output of your mixer which I believe monitors the Line Output equivalent of the Main XLR (you'd have to check the DJM-800 Manual to confirm that).