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Explode Pitches To Tracks From Impact XT

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asked Jul 7 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by edwardhall2 (720 points)
While using Impact XT, I load 16 one shots in impact. I then make a pattern using those one shots. One of those one shots is a 808. After I record the pattern, I then explode the pitches to tracks. After exploding the pitches to tracks, I attempt to move the 808 midi notes up and down the piano roll, but it plays the other one shots. So that leaves me no choice but to load sample one to achieve this with my 808s. Just hoping some one can give me a response. Every time I reach out to Presonus it seems I never get a response.

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answered Jul 7 by AlexTinsley (884,900 points)

If you're looking for a response from Presonus, log a support request at

This is a community area, if someone else knows your situation they may choose to respond. 

Also try the community help area on the forum: