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'Explode Pitches To Track' Should Give Each Created Track a Dedicated Channel

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asked Apr 5 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by marcosferreira1 (590 points)
Currently, all the exploded pitches to tracks will output their audio to the same parent channel they originate from. This kills the purpose of separating the pitches! I mean, why to separate pitches into different tracks if you cannot process them individually? That is why exploding pitches to tracks should also give each newly created track a channel.

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answered Apr 23 by Lukas Ruschitzka (137,350 points)
That's not possible. The DAW can't decide which sounds the instrument will output to each channel.
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answered Apr 24 by marcosferreira1 (590 points)
This is a request. I want this to be included in S1. Reaper does that. Each note is addressed to one instance of the instrument with a dedicated channel. Works like a charm.
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answered Aug 27 by davidwasselin (180 points)

Got the exact same complaint here. Working on drums part, I create a dummy at the beginning to get a feel and then get back to it later, explode the pitches and want to start narrowing down the sounds of each drum parts and that's impossible. The only work around I found is to create new tracks, copy all my MIDI notes line by lines into those new tracks and then assign instruments. It is really painful.

It would be fine if the new tracks was assigned by default to the same VST used on the "parent" track, at least no risk of issue with the copy paste everywhere for the midi notes.