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I have StudioLive 3 Series Digital Mixer .. In "Live" Mode you can make use of the fat channel via on screen of mixer.

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asked Jul 16, 2020 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by kennynarine (290 points)
edited Jul 16, 2020 by kennynarine
I Have StudioLive 3series 32s 40 channel digital Mixer . It has two functions "Live Mode" usage of live inputs directly into back of unit and also Daw mode where you can control your studio one daw I have studio one 5 pro. The thing is in lLive mode therre is the fat channel effects plugins you can use in a mix and see on the units screen and tweak on mixer ,,,,but on Daw Mode it doesnt allow this yet you can control the input but not see it on the screen while opening in studio one pro .

If you can use the Control wire to some how not take up space into studiolive  but capable to send the visual signal while in daw mode all the effects can also be seen on the physical screen on  digital hardware. I had a conversation with a Presonus Rep about my thoughts and he said it would be like cheese! and I agree very smooth transition That would solidify surpassing your competitors... Thanks and please like if you would like to see this also even if you dont have a mixer :}

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answered Aug 6, 2020 by jonnydoyle (403,220 points)
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answered Oct 10, 2021 by jeffreypedersen (150 points)
I was surprised when I first tried out DAW mode with my SL163 and Studio1. I expected the Fat Channel hardware controllers to be mapped to the Fat Channel software parameters. Instead I got a random set of parameters on knobs and buttons.

It would be great to mix StudioOne  exactly like mixing live on the hardware for total integration.