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Make the Channel Editor More Creative and Intuitive

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asked Jul 20, 2020 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by tristanmendoza1 (540 points)
Hello everyone!

Like many of you, S1 is my daily driver as far as DAWs go. I have licenses to other programs but S1, I've found is the sweet spot of everything for all my creative, recording, mixing, editing needs! However just because something is great does not mean it can't be improved upon!

Some place I feel S1 hasn't caught up with the rest of itself is the Channel Editor/Routing tab. There must be ways to make it more intuitive and creative. For example, when I have a splitter for some reason I cannot automate the volume or mute between the split signals. Another thing is I feel like we are missing out on TONS of creative potential by not having native modulators especially since there is already a Macro and Routing page on the Channel Editor. Right now I'm having to use Snap Heap for creative modulations and signal processing and I would rather have something native that can modulate native effects as well as 3rd part plugins in the Routing tab. PreSonus could do GREAT things with modulators and make it their own, much like Reason or Bitwig. Both are doing very similar things but feel very much at home in the respective DAW.

Speaking of the Routing tab, why can we not right click anywhere and get a drop down of the effects and processors I have at my disposal? Having to drag from the browser is a pain, especially when you don't have to do it when you are loading effects on the channel from the inspector.

Also, at least with native plugins we should be able to split the signal into dry and wet signals, so I can easily add processing to one or the other.

Imagine being able to throw a native S1 LFO or random signal generator modulating the cutoff on a synth or bass, with a slight delay on the high frequencies and a distortion ONLY on that delayed signal. Sound design possibilities would be crazy!

These are just a couple of my ideas, I know this is a few things but overall my request is for general improvements to the workflow and creative potential of the Channel Editor/Routing tools. Because as it stands right now it's much easier to do some of these things with a send/return channel and hand drawn automation, and the routing in the Channel Editor is supposed to remedy that.

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answered Jul 31, 2020 by Lukas Ruschitzka (256,880 points)
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