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keep Editor Open for Plugins check box in plugins

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asked Nov 8, 2019 in Mixing by anubhavukil (8,490 points)
It will be nice, if there is an Option to keep the Editor open for all plugins. So, whenever we like, We will close the editor.

Also, It will be nice, if we have a modifier key to Turn on the Keep Editor Open .

1 Answer

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answered Nov 10, 2019 by leonordmann (2,050 points)
So you mean if you have an analyzer and a limiter on the master i.e. You want to be able to at both of them at the same time?,
If so yes please make this possible. Maybe make a separate button next to the lock window, or an option to check between just keeping one window open when you lock VS. Keeping them separately open once locked. Or just make an extra button so you can luck them either all together or separately as you wish.
That'd be great