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Buggy Version 5!

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asked Jul 23 in Studio One 5 by donaldclarkson (240 points)
After reading about other user’s upgrade issues with version 5,  I will keep Studio One version 4 before installing version 5!

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answered Jul 25 by koreymontplaisir (1,180 points)
Yah, i went with the upgrade as it was free, but iyah, very buggy. There might be some people out there that blast your post or down vote it, but you're right for staying with S4. It's downright a better product, S4 that is. Who ever did down vote you is in the wrong field. It's an audio product that doesn't correctly run. It should be blasted for how well it runs, not the name on it.

I don't just play around with my DAW, i use it to make money "every week". It's my job to use and create with this product, not to have it fail on me when i need it the most. Also i think the bugs from S5 should have been tested a little harder. I found the below bug after 5 or 10 mins of use.

For example, if i loop a wav with high latency (273 or something), clicks and pops are very common. You can't cut, move or paste anything without a drop in audio.I tested the same setup in S4, not one.

So if i was being 100% not biased and not brand loyal, S4 is a better product for users who just need to get the job done.

Not only do i see normal clicks and pops in my loops while i'm creating, i get audio gains about 6dB on a random wav every few mins. I've found this mostly when i enable my midi controller.

Theese issues really hurt my creative mindset. At sometimes i should be making the tracks, but i get a crash or random clip and/ or audio just doesn't play, just kills me, so i go off and start looking on the forums like i am right now.

I'm sure it will get fix, but still people needing to just get the job done, should wait for a patch, stay with what they have right now. It's cool their thinking for featues like they have in S5, but really most should have a disable button to save on services for what the user will use.
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answered Jul 30 by Phil Buckle (1,100 points)
I share your sentiments exactly.

Unfortunately for me I have saved a number of songs in version 5 so I can't back to version 4 for those songs.

Yesterday I had a problem where one track in the session would randomly stop playing. A restart fixed that but then comes more random crashes.

Best to wait for some bug fixes.