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In Universal Control interace, for future upgrade will it be possible to put EQ in the main mix

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asked Jul 27, 2020 in Recording Interface Series Feature Requests by jackcutter (200 points)
Your Computer Make and Model - ASUS custom DAW
Operating System and Version - Win 64
Application Version - C
Audio Interface and it's Driver Version - Studio 192 Firmware DSP v1.8.44 (and previous)
Digital Mixer and it's Driver/Firmware Version - UC

For future UC upgrade, will it be possible to put EQ in the main mix of the Universal Control? All audio from system is routed through UC. (audio/video players, web-stream audio and StudioOne)? It is an issue not being able to tune the output to room acoustics.  While the information about StudioOne5 indicates that there will be functionality for tuning output for room acoustics within StudioOne5, I still have to listen to other audio including mix candidates from remote collaborators via internet posts.


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