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Please add streamdeck support for the Revelator mic and revelator io24 put the mic mute button settings to io24

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asked Sep 20 in Recording Interface Series Feature Requests by kalnhlys (190 points)
The revelator mic and the revelator io24 (which is currently what I'm using) are products that are marketed for podcasters and streamers and currently there is no way to assign custom keys on the UC app so that the streamdeck can recognize the command. Simple things like muting the microphone or a certain channel or activating the hot key on the UC app to change the voice will be very useful if it can be accessed on the streamdeck. The streamdeck has been somewhat a standard for amateur and serious streamers and integration of the audio chain with it is already an essential IMHO. Also on the IO24 the capability of setting the mute button to choose either to mute the mic or the monitors is gone. It is present on the revelator mic. I hope that will get fixed because most streamers don't use the monitor speakers while gaming. We use headsets and the physical mic mute button is more needed on times like coughing or you want to censore your mic.

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answered Sep 26 by stacyhalbert (250 points)
I agree with building support for stream deck. What I did as a workaround is to use the voicemod app and virtual mic to mute/unmute the revelator mic using the stream deck. They intended the revelator mic to be a device to use in podcasting, livestream, & gaming. Yet it is baffling that PreSonus didn't consider standard integrations & accessories in the space like the stream deck, g-shock mount, etc. It's truly the best usb mic I have ever used, but it will be difficult to compete in the space without accessorizing and integrations with core workflow systems and devices.