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Include a 'Merge Sections' function on Arranger track

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asked Jul 28 in Editing by ianstark (660 points)

After making edits to the Arranger track it would be helpful to be able to select a group of adjacent sections and merge them to a single section.

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answered Jul 31 by jazzundso (42,840 points)
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answered Jul 28 by matthewritenburg (9,750 points)
Can’t you just delete the adjacent sections then drag one section to cover all of the track you want in that section?
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answered Jul 28 by ianstark (660 points)
Sure you could - but in a complex piece, e.g. a soundtrack, where you might have chopped up a large section into many, many smaller pieces, would it not be easier to be able to do it with a single keystroke? Also safer, in that you would guarantee your new section would be ending at exactly the same point on the timeline. In a three minute intro-verse-chorus-repeat-outro structure I agree, no hardship to do it manually, but I'm thinking of a more sophisticated scenario.