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Add the ability to move arranger sections without moving the markers (absolute markers positions)

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asked Feb 9, 2022 in Editing by Annibale Hexe (4,660 points)
edited Oct 20, 2022 by Annibale Hexe
Right now, if I move, or duplicate an arranger section which has a marker, the marker automatically moves with it (or duplicate).
When I'm working on a movie with multiple markers linked to hit points, moving a section becomes really annoying because it makes destroys the marker lane.

So I think it would be helpful if we could choose to make the markers positions absolute, so that nothing would affect them when I'm editing other stuff.


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answered Feb 12, 2022 by tothrec (31,840 points)
I agree!  (You'll want to add the Feature Request tag to your request so it is visible to the dev team).

I have a similar request that when I move all clip data back or forward in time that it also moves the markers (in my case, I want them to remain associated with the track data)
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answered Nov 27, 2022 by princeagrawal (13,690 points)
Yes please. This is so much needed. Upvoted.

Perhaps they could allow marker, arranger and other global tracks to be locked like audio and instrument tracks, so that before you move arranger track, you could atleast lock the marker track and prevent the markers from moving along with arranger sections.

I have made a feature request for the ability to lock global tracks. Please consider upvoting it, if you agree with it. Thanks.