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Interactive Help Application (F1 shortcut key version)

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asked Aug 2, 2020 in Documentation by simonjameslane (1,320 points)
Embed relevant videos from Presonus YouTube channel into the graphical in-app Help menu (F1 shortcut key) would be a big plus (Gregor's and Joe's videos are great, and more of them nested in context could be really potent).

More smaller videos illustrating specific functions and tools of S1 would greatly benefit those of us who are aural and kinesthetic learners. Chances are that if you are a musician, you are an aural and/or kinesthetic learner. If every topic had a short screen recording example to accompany it, whether a practical example or simple explanation in situ, then S1 would be a cinch to learn and use for most users. Speaking from personal experience, when faced with an enormous block of text while searching for an answer, the task becomes daunting as I try to think in abstract terms to understand what is being conveyed and then apply it to the song or project context. I am no stranger to reading a manual, but when in the midst of flow in a song or project (whether it be true 'flow state' or general use of the software) this completely different mental task breaks flow and causes 'transition loss'. In short, interactive help should serve to inform us, but most importantly, keep us in the right frame of mind.     

Search function improvements to increase the accuracy and/or applicability of results

Embedded connectivity with keyboard shortcuts, so that if custom keyboard shortcuts have been assigned in Prefs they also appear in the Help menu.

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