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Keyboard Shortcut list by key combination, not just by function.

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asked May 26, 2021 in Look and Feel by trogfish (1,430 points)

The current keyboard shortcut function list is oriented by the command or function, and then if any (typing) keyboard combination is assigned to it such as: 

"Edit with Melodyne — Control+M"

I would love to see Studio One also provide the reverse: be able to display/print out a list of used keyboard combinations, and which (if assigned) function is assigned to the keystroke combination. 

Keeping track of which keyboard shortcuts have been used and assigned to what function gets very tedious when assigning custom functions and macros to custom keyboard combinations.  A reverse lookup function would be useful and productive.

Ideally, this would also list the name of the macro assignments as well.

So the list would show / Print similar to this:
Control + A = Select All
Control + B = Bounce Selection
Control + M = Edit with Melodyne
Control + 9 = <unassigned>

Control + 0 =<macro: Play Loop Selection>

Control + Alt + A = <unassigned>

Contol + Alt + B = Bounce To New Track

(...and so on.)

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