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can you flip the piano roll horizontal ( or good viz tool for such)

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asked Aug 15, 2020 in Studio One 5 by stephendipaola (170 points)
in studio one, can you flip the piano roll horizontal,  so the keyboard matches the orientation of a midi keyboard being played ( keyboard on top with grid traveling down in time)? or if not is there a good way you can pipe the midi to one of these visualizer tools that can do that. I am still learning composing on a  piano keyboard ( I'm from the guitar) and that type of display is helpful to solidify seeing the finger/keyboard physical pattern of the phrase i have put down.  another option would be to use a 2nd monitor that is flipped horizontally, so can I  pull the piano roll out and move just that to a 2nd monitor - so can I pull it out - else I could clone all on the flipped monitor.  

another option is find a long midi led strip that fits note for note above my keyboard. ( 49 keys) and some how routes the midi of what is being played to it.

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