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Master Fader not passing audio in Post Fade mode AVB (StudioLive 24 to 32r)

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asked Aug 27, 2020 in StudioLive Series III by mattruckel1 (210 points)
Master Fader is not passing audio in "Post Fade" mode over AVB (StudioLive 24 to 32r).  Audio will pass to master in "pre DSP" mode, but will not be controlled by master (as designed).  When I switch to "post fader" no audio passes.  

I have a studiolive 24 connected to a 32r.  I am sending the master over AVB.

When I test this via the 24 only, audio passes through the master post fader no problem.

Firmware is updated.

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answered Nov 22, 2020 by jasonwilson11 (140 points)
Why is the answer to this question so hard find. I am new to press us and find it not user trendily and not a lot of info out there for issues.