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Record to an external hard drive issues...

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asked Aug 28, 2020 in Studio One 5 by tennesseestudios (130 points)
I would like to record audio files to an external ssd.  I tried setting this up a couple years back in 3 professional and ran into issues when I made my "locations" folder address the external drive. The issues arose when I tried to recall presets or templates.  They went to the external drive and not the system drive with the studio one software and couldn't be recalled across songs and projects. I changed the file locations back to the default and  only use that computer for mixing with the audio files opened from the external drive which works fine.  I now need to be able to record audio in studio one.                                                                                           -Is there a way to record audio to an external drive and have presets and templates go to the system drive?                                         -Should I just record to the system drive and transfer off the audio as completed?                                                                                  -My understanding has been that systems work better when system data and audio data are on different drives, is that still relevant with SSD's?                                                                                                                             

Imac, Thunderbolt 2, Studio One 3 Professional, Iz RADAR Studio, Antelope Orion

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