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Static/crackle noise on ch 3 of my 16.4.2 studiolive - Only at start up for about 5 mins. Once it warms up, it's gone?

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asked Feb 29, 2016 in Classic Mixers by Desnys (150 points)
I'm experiencing a static/crackle noise on channel 3 of my 16.4.2 studiolive.  It appears to only be at start up for about 5 mins.  After the board warms up, it goes away?  Advice as to the cause?

Doesn't matter if there is anything plugged into the channel or not.  It also doesn't matter if the board is hooked to a PC.  Whenever it is powered on, you can see a signal coming through channel 3 on the meter bridge...  If I send channel 3 to the mains during this, you can hear an audible scratchiness/crackle noise coming through the speakers.  After about 5 mins it goes away and works fine.  I'm worried this channel will die all together or become permanently noisy.  Any information is greatly appreciated!

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answered Feb 29, 2016 by gadget69 (31,150 points)
selected Feb 29, 2016 by Desnys
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You will likely have to have the mixer serviced. I would suggest that you start a tech service ticket, they will know all the conditions and may know of something that we do not.

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