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Can't Find Studio One Download or Additional Software after purchasing Pre-Owned 1824c

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asked Oct 7 in Studio One 5 by nickgiammarco (130 points)
I've recently purchased a Open box, New condition Presonus 1824c. As far as I know this device is supposed to come with Studio One software and some other things. I'm not sure why but mine does not seem to have any additional resources after registering it.

I do not know the original purchase date of the unit could this be why?

Could these licenses already be in use by the previous owner? Can I ever get them back?


Thanks in advance.

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answered Oct 13 by wesleypeterson (5,510 points)
I think you'd need to contact the person who sold you the equipment. In their account they can transfer the license for Studio One to yours, I haven't done it but I've seen the option.