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Logic 10.5.1 crashes when using Faderport 8 (FW v3.43 OS Mac OS 10.15.6

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asked Oct 13, 2020 in FaderPort 8 by musahenderson1 (120 points)
If I load a project (or make a new one) logic will open fine if use the fader port (either booting beforehand or during) logic will completely freeze. I have triple checked it is on MCU > Logic.

The hardware responds by having no information on the screens (just white) and the faders all go to +10 dB (the very top).

If I boot into demo mode and use mardi gras it responds as it always has and seems to be physically working as expected.

As of 13th October 2020, all drivers and firmware are up to date for Presonus, logic and mac os

Thanks for any help.

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