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Can Notion tie notes from last bar before first ending into second ending?

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asked Oct 15, 2020 in Notion Feature Requests by davidlimburg (1,490 points)

I just recently transcribed a piece for piano in which the last measure before a repeat is tied into the first ending of the repeat and SHOULD be tied into the second ending, but I cannot find a way to make this happen. image

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answered Jan 30, 2021 by stephenjones1 (290 points)
I second that request and would also like to suggest more control on repeats, perhaps the option to specify different dynamics or alternate notes (pitch and rhythm) depending on which # of the repeats is happening. Ties should definitely default to the behavior davidlimburg requested.

As a workaround until this gets added (if it ever does) I'd like to suggest the following which works for me in most cases.  If the repeat causes such a break in ties I simply add more bars to the endings retroactively so that the ties remain intact.  It's not the best for a printed score but it does solve the problem for making a recording.

The workaround for my request is not to use repeat signs and just copy the measures to produce the result of a "repeat".

I hope this helps!
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answered Jul 25, 2021 by douglasgordon (220 points)
I write for guitar and the problem concerning tied notes across repeats comes up all the time and although not a major problem is irritating on playback when you hear a 'double hit' on the second note.  I support this feature request.

In addition, exactly the same problem occurs with tied notes that cross navigation marks such as DS al fine. Hopefully, the same solution could be used here too.
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answered Apr 13 by christinebush (390 points)

It is easy to forget that a first or second ending can be more than one measure long. One can in fact make the endings two measures (or more) long to accommodate ties as shown.

(I will note, however, that I am here transcribing from sheet music created with another product that does seem to allow one to tie across endings and thereby saving the insertion of repetitive measures. Perhaps this should still be a feature to avoid this confusion and optimize scores if nothing else.)

Christine Bush
Perchance Music & Digital Media