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How can I play my MIDI keyboard while listening to my playback without recording on Notion 6?

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asked Jun 26, 2021 in Notion by jorgereyesdelrio (240 points)
I find often times when I'm working on something, what helps me best is to improvise over a pre-existing chord progression or melody---that is to say, PLAYING with the playback. I would like to be able to hear what I play on my MIDI piano while listening to the playback of what I've already written WITHOUT hitting the record button; is this possible to configure? Currently, if I try to play the keyboard with the playback going, the keyboard is cut off entirely and only the playback is heard.

I basically don't want to commit to recording something if I'm still not even sure what I want. I can sort of do it by activating my midi input while the playback is going by hitting Ctrl+, immediately and going to MIDI IO (basically Settings>MIDI IO>Input while the input port is off and activating it before the song finishes playing). I discovered it by accident, but unfortunately, as soon as I pause, it reverts back to not letting me play anything above the music. I'm forced to hum the piece and play it while Notion does nothing else. I haven't seen this discussed anywhere (but I know I'm not the only one who makes music like this) so I'm wondering if there is some setting I haven't seen yet?

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