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Cant download the installer for any of my products

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asked Nov 7, 2020 in Studio One 4 by dariusrobertson (120 points)
I firstly installed my product (studio one 4 artist) on my original PC and wanted to change computer to laptop and so copied the installer from my original pc to my new laptop and installed it on there instead. The my products section on the my.presonius website said the the product was regestered on the new laptop and working fine. The problem is that i want to upgrade my studio one 4 to 5 but when i try it dosnt work. also when trying to download the installers from mypresonius on the new laptop i cant, i thought that maybe it was that i already had installed studio one 4 on the laptop so i uninstalled the studio one 4 but still i tryed the product intaller downloads and these didnt work.....would much aprechiate some help

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answered Nov 10, 2020 by rohanpius1 (140 points)
"DOWNLOAD INSTALLER" Button on My.Presonus site not working