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Setting up mixdown with 4848 in Protools

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asked Nov 7, 2020 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by tomedwards2 (140 points)
Hoping someone might have some insight.
I have recently moved to a Presonus 4848 as my main input, which is also connected via TB to a Presonus Quantum 2.
I have started moving to Presonus Studio One 5 as my main DAW, as well, and this HW setup gives my a ton of I/O, which is great, as I have a bunch of HW (pres, compressors, EQ's). I have twice the I/O I had with the HD I/O, and no issues with track-intensive sessions, in regard to latency.
With the HD I/O setup, I had a mix-down chain that went through a Vintech 273, on the line out, then back into a patchbay, so I can use HW comps and EQ for mixdown, then back into PT, via an SPDIF connection, on output 15-16, which was switchable between analog and SPDIF.
Since I am limited to 32 I/O with a 3rd party device, I am struggling to have a similar setup with the Presonus H/W, as there is no SPDIF out on the 4848 interface. There is SPDIF out on the Quantum 2, but no matter how I move I/O blocks around on the I/O page, I can't get PT to recognize this device's I/O
Hoping someone might have an idea?

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