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Daisy Chain Quantum 2626 with a 4848, do my speeds drop from 40Gbps to 20Gbps?

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asked Feb 10, 2022 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by niklasgustavsson2 (140 points)
I am thinking of expanding my Quantum 2626 with some more inputs and I am choosing between a ferrofish ad/da converter (16 channels) and a Quantum 4848. I took a look on how to connect everything and it seems like the quantum 2626 would be at the end of the chain which got me thinking. Do I lose speed in transfer from 40Gpbs down to 20Gbps, do I really need 40Gbps? I connect all my synths and run them through the system adding plugins while producing before printing the files and finishing my tracks.

I know for a certain that If I buy the ferrofish I won't drop any speed, but maybe It could work just fine with 20Gbps if that's the case?


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