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Please make line Inputs ungrounded symmetric in next generation

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asked Nov 21, 2020 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by erhardschwenk (2,090 points)
Really every FoH Man "likes" eliminating Humming loops on stage while in time pressure when setting up the stage.


The widely-spread solution for this is using DI Boxes on anything but microphones.

Why is this still necessary in Year 2020 with nearly every live Mixer and Stage Box? One more box on each Keyboard channel to unpack and connect before and to disconnect and store-up after the Gig. One more cable which could break or cause accidents. And there is not a single FoH Engineers who did not spend hours under time-pressure finding the humming source coming up with the sound check.

And all that although there would be an easy, perfect and cheap solution: just make the Line inputs of Mixers and stage boxes ungrounded symmetric. No Ground lift switch necessary any more. no cable and no DI-Box. No humming, at least if the devices have ungrounded symmetric outputs (which is also a shame on manufacturers of stage pianos and "professional keyboards" that some still do not).

Presonus, get a single Selling point: make ALL your LF Inputs and Outputs of your "professional" gear ungrounded Symmetric. All on StudioLive Mixers, all on NSB Stage Boxes, all on any other Device intended for usage in Studio or on stage.

There is no excusion anywhere on the whole planet that they aren't yet. That increases Material costs by less than 50 Cents per Jack. I'll be lucky paying 2 Dollars higher prices per Jack for this if I can get rid of DI-Boxes, Ground lift switches and Humming loops for that. If any Product Manager says that is too expensive, slap him with a 32 Channel DI-Box in a heavy Duty flight case 50 Times a Second. Every Morning and every Evening. In da Face.

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answered Nov 24, 2020 by benpierce (99,360 points)
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Thanks for the feature request!

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answered Apr 15, 2021 by natangarciagarcia1 (140 points)
Hi Erhard

What do you mean exactly? If I buy this Product do I still have to buy the DI Boxes for every guitar or bass that I plug in? I thought that with the nsb I could simply plug any instrument to the mixer without buying ever again a DI Box...