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Noise when i plug line instrument

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asked Apr 29 in AudioBox USB by oriolcasas (200 points)
Hello, I have a terrible noise when I plug any of my instruments and mic to my new Audiobox 96 USB. I've tried to change my Mac and Audio/Midi settings with no results. Any help would be appreciated.


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answered May 2 by butchrichard (126,140 points)
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Turn the Mixer Dial all the way to the LEFT.  You will hear only inputs.  Do you hear noise ?  

Turn the Mixer Dial all the way to the RIGHT.  You will hear only computer playback.  Play audio with iTunes or YouTube.  Do you hear noise ?  

If the answer is yes to either of these, then you should contact Support for further assistance.
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answered May 6 by oriolcasas (200 points)
Thanks for your answer. Actually the problem seems to be with the USB connection... By headphones the sound is good, but when i try to record it the is a terrible noise. I have tried with different software with same result... ┬┐Any idea about this?

I have usb 2.0 in my iMac.