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AudioBox iOne Power Light Blinking: will not operate

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asked Dec 1, 2020 in AudioBox i-Series by mdakcqyn (150 points)
I have a Presonus AudioBox iOne and I’ve had no end of trouble with a particular issue which I will explain here.

If your blue power light blinks when the iOne is plugged into the wall, it may not be a power issue. It may simply be a “device” issue.

My Presonus iOne worked fine when plugged into my Dell Windows laptop, but would not work when plugged in to wall power no matter what I tried. And I tried everything, believe me. When plugged into wall power, the iOne power light would blink on and off as if it was not getting enough power. It turns out that was not the case.

The issue resolved itself when, while the iOne was plugged into an Apple power brick, I plugged in my iPhone via USB to the back of the unit. As long as the iPhone was not asleep, the Presonus power light remained steady. It’s as if - rather than telling me there was a power issue - it was reminding me to plug in a device (which to me is rather ridiculous, as how would one do anything without a device plugged in?). But one wouldn’t know this was the meaning at first, as it seemed as if it were a power issue. But all is well and it now works.

Now, one more thing I have yet to discover, and any input here will be helpful. It seems that when the iPad or iPhone is plugged in, the idevice is not being powered. I tried adding an Apple power adapter to the mix and it did not work. In this case, the adapter allowed me to plug power AND a USB from the iOne into one lightning connector (a “Y” adapter), then into the iPhone. It did not work. Any other solutions would be helpful.

Anyway, I searched and searched for an answer to this issue and was unsuccessful. I hope this helps someone else.


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