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using presonus 24.4.2 with studio one 2 pro and i-Mac. have a question can you help

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asked Mar 8, 2016 in Studio One 2 by jackneff (310 points)
I record songs in studio one pro along with presonus 24.4.2. when I play back songs in studio one 2 pro, some songs will allow me to use faders for mixing on the presonus 24.4.2 and some songs will not. I use a template every time, it's just weird. Is there something in Studio one 2 pro I should look for? Please help. thanks

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answered Mar 16, 2016 by abrand2 (32,040 points)

When using a template in Studio One, all StudioLive mixer templates actually go through the same exact routing as someone who is using Capture 2 software.  That is, tracks will be routed to the individual channels on your mixer so you can mix and record in a Main L/R mix in the software.

An explanation of how to change these channels and routing can be found on the below knowledge base article:

Why is my audio on my StudioLive template not going to Mixdown?