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Volume issues on buses.

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asked Jan 19 in Studio One 5 by kallemattso (170 points)
Mysterious problem with the bus amplifying the sound. if I send, for example, guitar tracks to a bus and then put an Ampire on the bus, the sound is amplified by several decibels compared to if I put the Ampire on the track directly. I also think that the sound from Ampire is changing. I often did this in v4, but having these problems here in v5.

Anyone experienced similar problem?

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answered Jan 19 by matthewritenburg (14,870 points)
This is expected behavior.  It’s not a mysterious problem.  Sending any audio to a bus doubles that audio source which results in an increase in volume at the master channel output when the sources are summed. Try it without Ampire (or any plugins) inserted in the bus so you get a feel for how much the volume increases.

This increase in volume is why volume matching is an important part of parallel processing.  You want to make sure that your parallel processing is making your audio sound better rather than the increase in volume making you think it sounds better.
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answered Jan 20 by kallemattso (170 points)
Hello Thanks for the reply. It's probably me who does not know my mixer table well enough. I never experienced the level difference in the same way in v4. I went back and tested in v4, and well it increases the volume but not as near as much as in v5, so thats way i reacted. I have off course tried without Ampire and then there are no level difference between the channel and the bus. The level difference only occurs when the Ampire is running.