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Impact Pad triggered by foot controller?

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asked Jan 31, 2021 in Studio One 5 by bartbaker (120 points)
I want to trigger the sample pads on Impact XT with a Rocktron Midi Mate. I'm running it into a Presonus Itwo audiobox then into a laptop with Studio One. I'm able to get Studio One to see the event, but I can't  assign  the Midi Mate to Impact as a "keyboard" note.
Ex- Impact pad 1 is C1 which is midi note 24. I set the send note on Midi Mate to 24 then add instrument in Studio One, Midi Learn sees it but doesn't trigger the pad. However, if I hit "C1" on the mini keyboard of the Midi learn screen it triggers the pad..
Is there an assign selection in midi learn that I should be using?

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