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Cannot connect Yamaha DTX PLORER Electronic drum kit to Audio Box 96 STUDIO

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asked Feb 13, 2021 in Studio One 5 by christopherpayne8 (130 points)
I have connected a midi lead from the output on my drum kit to 'midi in' on my USB96 Presonus box. I have tried adding new instrument and all kinds of things but it just does not recognise it. Am I missing something here? In the receive from drop box it only ever says 'none or USB96'. Somebody please help!

Many thanks

Chris Payne (UK)

1 Answer

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answered Feb 13, 2021 by Texas Willie (160 points)
Hi Chris, instead of messing with the midi and jumping through those hoops, I opted to just connect the audio out from the DTX box to the AudioBox.