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Ableton integration - request to see/preview Device parameter names on the display

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asked Feb 13, 2021 in Atom Feature Requests by williamprophet1 (140 points)

I don't think I saw this request, apologies if someone already posted this.

I am SO close to buying an Atom SQ. It is perfect for my needs. I am only hesitating because of one glaring issue: 

you cannot see/preview device parameter names on the Atom SQ screen when in "Instrument mode" when using the Ableton Live Integration (aka, Ableton Control Surface mode). 

For example, if I have the Reverb fx device selected, I want to see on the screen, which knobs control which parameters. Currently, the only way to know which parameter a knob controls, is by moving the knob and then seeing which parameter changes on your Live session. Then you must memorize which knobs control which, or write out notes, etc.

Why can't you just see/preview the parameter names on the screen?

Here's a better explanation (skip to 14:00):

If I knew this was going to be implemented in the future, I would go ahead and purchase an Atom SQ. But I'm hesitant. This should be one of my favorite features, but it is currently very flawed for this reason.

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