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Studio One Project Mode - Reference Tracks

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asked Mar 2, 2021 in Mastering by alexleonard2 (1,710 points)
In the project mastering view, it would be awesome to be able to have a 'reference track' that sits underneath the normal track display. I like being able to line up my different reference tracks against tracks that I'm mastering and being able to solo them to quickly A/B the difference against my master.

At the moment I find myself either using reference tracks in Ozone 9 (which isn't particularly flexible) or else placing additional reference tracks at the end of the timeline and manually jumping back and forth.

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answered Jun 7, 2021 by darrensmith3 (1,270 points)
Great request.
I usually use MCompare in the Project Page but would be amazing to have this native.
All the best
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answered Sep 3, 2022 by josteen (140 points)
I second this. Most mastering engineers that I know are using reference tracks in exactly this way, and I do as well. Presonus, let's be honest...this is quite an oversight. Studio One is on it's way to becoming the number one DAW and additions like this would really up the ante.