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Event Based Processing in the Project Page

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asked Oct 21, 2022 in Mastering by darrensmith3 (1,280 points)
Hi folks

Can we have Event based processing in the Project Page please? This is a staple in modern Mastering and the only major thing missing from the Project Page to make it really 'compete' with other Mastering Platforms.

Events based processing is very important to a Mastering workflow as it will allow a Mastering Engineer additional flexibility to get the best from a song. This could be utilised for processing 'quieter' parts of a song independently from 'louder' parts to achieve a more cohesive Master for example.

Another benefit of Events based processing is that at present we are unable to do any repair/restoration work inside of the Project Page. The two main tools for this use case are Izotope RX and Acon Digital Acoustica. Now RX doesn't support ARA based processing at present, but Acoustica does, and with ARA support with Events based processing we would be able to utilise spectral repair tools directly in the Project Page rather than having to use an external software to make edits and then import the revised file into the Project Page. The current process is a very 'clunky' and longwinded way to work and by introducing the above this will greatly help the Mastering community.

A workaround for repair work could be to allow a backwards transfer from the Project Page to the Song Page so any repair work could be done in the Song Page, but at present the only way to do this is to have an individual song file for every track before sending them to a Project Page file. This is laborious let alone an un-needed strain on the hard drive.

I hope this gives you enough info but please let me know if you need anything else.

Kind regards,


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answered Nov 18, 2022 by famuyiwasegun (2,190 points)
I support having this feature inside the project page. Expecially for Acon Digital Acoustica
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answered Dec 5, 2022 by richiemansa (190 points)
yes please i really need this feature also was hoping it will be on studio one 6
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answered Dec 5, 2022 by richiemansa (190 points)
any one have a idea on a work around ?