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Faderport - Sticky Shift button too sensitive

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asked Mar 2 in FaderPort 16 by alexleonard2 (1,240 points)
I find that the shift button goes into shift-lock mode too easily. The most frequent time it happens is when I press shift+F1-8 to trigger one of my macros or shortcuts, and then I go to press Track or some other button only to realise that shift-lock was activated when I triggered my shortcut.

Perhaps the simplest update would be that:

if shift lock disabled
shift held down and function button accessed
do not enable shift-lock

To me shift-lock should only ever activate when I manually and only press and release the shift button without pressing any other buttons.

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answered Mar 10 by alexleonard2 (1,240 points)
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Looks like this has been fixed in Studio One V5.2!