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Why is the sound going through 68C Interface more compressed than before

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asked Mar 4, 2021 in PreAmps, Signal Processors and Monitoring Hardware by sherisaginor (120 points)

I'm a voiceover artist using a Presonus 68c with Studio1 Artist on a 2019 Mac Mini. Just speaking, no music. Using a Rode Nt1-a mic and Sony MDR7506 headphones. Today I upgraded my home studio to a Mac Mini. Although the 68C has the exact same settings as before (I took a photo), the sound coming through the interface and into my headphones just doesn't sound the same as before. It's not as warm, not as booming. It's like the frequencies are compressed, especially the bottom ones. I did some troubleshooting: Both input and output are through the 68C. It's definitely not a volume issue. It's not the headphones (Sony MDR7506). And it's not the Studio One software; I know because I can hear the problem when I just speak into the mic without recording anything. I unplugged the mic from the 68c and then plugged it back in. Didn't help. Any suggestions? How do I get that warm, rich tone back?  Thanks!

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