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Keep hearing plugged instruments through headphones when volume knobs are to zero.

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asked Aug 13, 2017 in FireStudio Series by ytz1 (150 points)
edited Aug 13, 2017 by ytz1
When I plug an instrument to any of the inputs of the Firestudio Project, I keep hearing it through headphones when its physical knob is turned to zero.
I usually send to the Firestudio already processed signals (pedalboards, amps etc.) but trying to figure a way out of this issue I noticed that by plugging a guitar directly to the Firestudio Project and using software effects (Garageband/Logic) what I monitor on the headphones are both the processed and the direct sound (clean).

I guess there’s something wrong in the Universal Control settings but despite my efforts I cannot resolve the situation which is quite frustrating.

I’m struggling with this issue since I’ve replaced my Firestudio Project with another identical one after an electric failure, months ago.
Before of that I always bypassed the Universal Control by turning off all the output pairs 1/2 3/4 5/6 7/8 but now it doesn’t work.

Firestudio Project
Macbook Pro mid 2010

Software :
OS 10.9.5
Garageband 10.1.1  /Logic 10.0
Universal Control V

What I did:
Searched info on the user manual
Reset the Firestudio Project to factory default
Updated the Firestudio Project firmware
Messed up with Universal Control Mics and DAW without success.

is there a solution?
Thank You.

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answered Aug 14, 2017 by AlexTinsley (910,120 points)
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The knobs on the FireStudio Project do not go to Zero, they go below zero actually using the dB scale

If you look at the front panel of your FS Project you'll see that the main output shows -80 on the left. 

The front panel inputs also show -10db -> +30db on Inputs 1/2 and -20db -> +20db on Inputs 3/8. 

However if your sounds, mix, output is loud enough in your mix, you can still hear a little bit depending on the impedance of your headphones or main outputs. 

The output you may hear should be faint, if you're hearing full signal, then contact support so someone can assist you further.