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Better Stems Export Request

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asked Mar 11, 2021 in Mixing by marcinciszczon (220 points)
Every client asks for stems, I've no problem to bounce them. But they want stems in the way it sounds in the mix and current stem export doesn't allow it this way (for example when you send 10 tracks to your drum bus and process them on the bus, or even run bus to other bus, that happens in my workflow). What I get if I use current stem export is not what I hear when mixing (solo track).

So I do it this way:

Say I have kick, snare and hihat routed to "all drums" bus with processing, and also there is fx bus with reverb plugin too. What I do is to solo kick track (and I have reverb fx bus lit green, so solo-safe in on). This way I'll get kick processed by "all drums" bus plugins and also buses, plugins with side chains set up. I press export mixdown (like I was exporting actual mixdown for mastering), choose whatever options I need, and viola.

And... it happens that there are 100-250 tracks in sessions I work on, so I have to do it even 250 times. Solo track, export, name it in export panel, etc. Very time consuming.

How about an automatic stem export that works exactly this way - like each track was soloed including fx buses that track sends to? Just select all tracks. Click Stem Export, select file format, sample rate, and all other options. Name can be taken from the track name of the first object on the track. Press "Stem Export" and you get that 250 files after some time... But you don't have to sit there and do it manually. You can go for a lunch, coffee or just chill instead ;)

What do you think? Thanx!

PS. I know there still maybe a difference in plugins reaction between soloed kick bounced and kick+hihat+snare, but from my experience, usually it's not that big, and acceptable for client. Certainly better than no bus processing at all.

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answered Jun 14, 2021 by francomaldo (440 points)
Es justo lo que necesito... tengo un bus de guitarras con los efectos y al momento de exportar el bus "chan"... no hay ningún efecto ni automatización... sería bueno poder exportar el bus con los efectos y envíos también.
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answered Oct 21, 2021 by 20tybeat (450 points)
I need that too, for example, to put the busses in the Track options when you choose to render stems. For example, I need to render Some stems busses for mastering and the fastest way to do it is to folder the tracks and solo the group of tracks and Mixdown every "folder buss" of the song.

So It could be cool if they integrate that on studio one this is a must need on studio one!