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Set SMPTE (Timecode) to a specific position/bar in song!!! HIGHLY needed for composing! [Completed 6.0]

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asked Mar 20, 2021 in Completed Feature Requests by taylorscott2 (4,200 points) 1 flag
recategorized Nov 11 by Lukas Ruschitzka

I'll use Logic as an example. Let's I have a 1 hour video that I am scoring, and the first cue doesn't need to happen until 30 minutes in. In Logic there is a "Tempo" window where I can set the timecode at 30 minutes to start at the 1st bar (or whatever bar I want). The point of this is so I don't have to write music 30 minutes into the song...I can write it at the beginning of the song. But the timecode is still synced to the video, so even though I'm writing music at the 1st bar, it is synced to the 30minute mark of the film!

This may be possible with the frame offset in S1, and a timecode calculator, but it is much too difficult and time consuming. And if you are sending midi timecode to a 2nd DAW (Like if you are using Pro Tools as the video playback), forget it. It's not possible to achieve this. 

This video shows exactly what I am talking about (go to about 4:10)
Why Use Logic/Cubase AND Pro Tools??!! (and How) - YouTube

Studio One is making it quite difficult to compose to a full length film. Not to mention it doesn't have a video track and doesn't support multiple videos! I love most things about Studio One, but it is highly lacking in the media composing areas!

I would love for S1 to one day be considered a very viable DAW in the media composing world!!

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answered Apr 29, 2021 by Lukas Ruschitzka (255,810 points)
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Thank you for the feature request. 

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answered Apr 25, 2021 by andrewfisher4 (1,000 points)
Please please implement this so I can fully migrate to S1.
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answered Feb 10, 2022 by studioj (1,930 points)
Yes we shouldn't have to be using calculators with our super computers :-D. Frame offset isn't quite enough, just a simple function "Set timecode at current position" would do it.
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answered Mar 22, 2022 by GTRtice (2,120 points)
edited Mar 22, 2022 by GTRtice
Please do this. SMPTE is one of only two reasons I still have to keep Pro Tools around. Please, Studio One team, please. We understand that this COULD have received more votes, but SMPTE is not something the average user even knows is a thing and they're not going to vote for something they don't understand or even knows exists - that doesn't mean the rest of us should go without. Pretty please, with a cherry on top - it's time for SMPTE.