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studio 192 mobile - reverb sound like its modulating like a chorus when sending signal from channel 1 & 2

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asked Mar 21, 2021 in Studio 192 USB 3.0 Interfaces by georgekailis (200 points)
Hi. Ive been playing my guitar directly (dry) into the ch1 & 2 inputs on my studio 192 mobile. When I send some of it to the onboard FX it sounds like the reverbs are modulation. It sounds like a chorus or dimension C! Its pretty strange. At first i though it was also going to studio one and being effected there as well, but no. Im stumped. cheers

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answered Jun 8, 2021 by Paulo Pereira (770 points)
The same is happening to me. It's a heavy  modulation that seems to fade away when I change the effect parameters.