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how can I have 2 EQ settings on 1 channel for FUN (like switching to a telephone sound EQ)

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asked Jan 6, 2021 in StudioLive Series III by luzerhass (590 points)

I want to be able to switch the lead vocals in all of a sudden to a different EQ, like a telephone sound 300 to 3000 Hz, for example to the middle part of the song & then switch back to normal, if we would have the option to put A EQ on to the effects it would be able to do it with unmuting the effect, or there maybe any alternate way on how to do it,

 Is it possible?

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answered Jan 7, 2021 by luzerhass (590 points)
selected Jan 12, 2021 by jonnydoyle
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After reading the manual i see you have A/B settings for the EQ so you do have 2 EQ per channel

Thanks Guys
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answered Jan 13, 2021 by eligordin (580 points)
Usually I do this sort of thing by automating the EQ parameters if it is a simple change (for example you could set up automation such that high and low pass filters engage or become more pronounced at that point in the song) or setting up 2 EQs and automating the bypass on/off function, so you use one EQ for most of the song, then that one is bypassed at the same time EQ#2 becomes active.

You could also create two separate tracks, which is sometimes easier.