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asked Mar 16, 2016 in Studio One 3 by rolandlemus1 (250 points)
I had the Sweetwater log into my PC and they walked through some things that I would have never been able to do, like; re-download the 32 bit version because it would not download because my PC's nightly run of Windows7 upgrades ruined or corrupted the first try, so sometimes you have to reload it, second, the option where you can load it can be changed for Studio One, just leave that alone and let the system download and then you can tell Studio one where to get it from and you have to into Studio one and assign it there too. Lots to do to make it work if you have never done it before. We ended up using 32 bit for 32 bit though, and all is good. I appreciate your response and for those of you doing this for the first time, Just upzipping the file and expecting it to work is not enough, you have to ensure that Studio one has it as where to go for plug ins as well. Good luck everyone, I just tested it, and wow EZdrummer with the metal ezx extension pack is awesome!!

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answered Apr 25, 2016 by ghasenbeck (355,550 points)
When using Studio One and 32bit Plugins, you must also use the 32bit version of Studio One. If you are looking to use 64bit Plugins, you must use the 64 bit version of Studio One.