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Why is Presence XT having trouble when I try to make adjustments to track

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asked Apr 15, 2021 in Studio One 5 by matkinz001 (130 points)
Hi, I just upgraded to Studio One 5 pro and was practicing with the strings, and other instruments.  When trying to playback a track, after making adjustments, whether modulation, velocity, or note duration all I hear is clicks, with low volume of the instrument. Even when I delete the track and start over with fresh default Presence XT settings. it wont playback correctly.  Real time play from the Keyboard is fine, also before any adjustments are made on the initial track, playback is fine. once the problem starts it doesn't go away.

I can even close Studio One, turn off my interface, (or computer), when I load a song and playback it sounds fine, even if there are modulations on the track, it plays them. Once I start to adjust again, the problem starts, sometimes just a simple velocity move in the edit on an event.  Other tracks with different VSt instruments or samples, Impact or Mojito don't seem to have this problem.  

I tried deleting the Presence Instruments  and re installing from Studio One, not the Presonus website, and still problem persisted.

I have 32gbs of ram, i7 10th gen,  512gig internal SS drive where studio one is installed, and 1TB SS external drive where songs and instruments are stored.  I use a Presonus Audiobox 1818vsl.

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