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Distortion after using Bend tool

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asked Mar 2, 2020 in Studio One 4 by markusvogl1 (330 points)

does anybody also have the following problem...

i used the bend tool on a vocal track and after using it i have a distorted sound on this parts where i used the bend tool...? i cannot remove this distortion anymore?

does anybody have the same problem or dies anybody know a solution for this?

i used a tempo track for this song with some tempo changes...could this be the reason?

thanks a lot:)

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answered Mar 3, 2020 by Gregor Beyerle (5,660 points)
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Hi markusvogl1, this might be a difficult one to trouble shoot without seeing the actual song project. Please upload your song folder to a Cloud service of your choice and post it to the Studio One Community Support area on the forum. Studio One dev team monitors that area frequently for bug reports.