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What wire do i need to purchase to connect my electric violin (yamaha yev) to presonus audiobox?

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asked May 21, 2021 in PreSonus Hub / Plugins by neelamkumari (120 points)
Im trying to record via the presonus audiobox, but unsure what cable i need to connect the electic violin to the presonus audiobox, and exactly which port of the audiobox it needs to connect into?

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answered May 22, 2021 by mattbennett1 (4,080 points)

Use a guitar cable (1/4” TS on both ends) and plug in to center of channel 1 or 2 (mic/instr). Something like this ?v=8d81860191dcbcf7

If you already have a cable you use to hook up to an amplifier it should be the same cable.