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PreSonus Hub in endless loop. Won't log in. Running Catalina on Mac.

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asked Jun 7 in PreSonus Hub / Plugins by derekmidgley (130 points)
I bought Fat Channel XT. Intend to use it on logic. So downloaded the Presonus Hub. After installing and running the hub, it asked me for my account details, supposedly to authorise my computer. I entered those. Afterwards nothing happened. When I click the "Authorise" button - top right in the hub, NOTHING happens. Just seems stuck. I re-installed it. No go. I'm running Catalina and the Mac operating system is totally up to date. Intel iMac. Hope you can help, or the software is totally useless to me like this!

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answered Jun 13 by jeremycamp (160 points)
Exact same problem here. I wish Presonus offered refunds.
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answered Jun 13 by malikghwiler (160 points)
Same for Me - Hope they get it working or I won't ever buy stuff from them.
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answered Jun 14 by alikhanbaloch (140 points)
I got the Fat channel XT through pluginboutique and i'm having the same issue...