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closed [Completed] Vocalign like in Pro Tools?

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asked Mar 21, 2016 in Completed Feature Requests by musicmould (1,870 points)
closed May 23, 2017 by LMike

I would deeply appreciate some kind of means to sync vocals/speech to other vocal/speech takes in the style of Synchro Arts Vocalign with the ease that you can do it in Pro Tools.

"What do You mean? Vocalign already exists for Studio One!" you probably say.

Well using Vocalign in Pro Tools is nothing short of amazing and unique, due to the Audiosuite functionality.
Using Vocalign in Studio One is more like a dentist appointment. Dragged out, slow and mostly painful.

- In Pro Tools you activate the Audiosuite-plugin, select the guide, select the dub and execute. Done.
- In Studio One you have to put the plugin on the dub track and set up a sidechain from the guide.
Transfer the audio, align it and then bounce it out. Which might be ok if it's only one track.
But if you are working with a lot of backing vocals, for instance, you have to repeat the steps above for maybe 20-30 tracks every time and then it becomes really, really, really slow and tedious.

Vocalign (in Pro Tools) in itself is a plugin that a whole lot of audio professionals rely on for creating rap-dubs, syncing backing vocals to leads and so on. It is also heavily used in the movie industry for lip-syncing, replacing speech in movies. There really is nothing like it in any DAW other than Pro Tools. 

I am trying to fully move to Studio One but this one thing keeps me going back to Pro Tools from time to time. If there was something like it in Studio One I wouldn't look back.

I have been in contact with Synchro Arts (who makes Vocalign) about this and they would very much like to make Vocalign work in the same way but the architecture in Studio One (or any other DAW for that matter) won't allow it. However, Synchro Arts told me they are waiting for an update to ARA that could make it possible to do it. So it seems to be in the hands of Celemony and Presonus.

Please make it happen!

It would save loads of time and would allow lots of Pro Tools users to safely abandon Pro Tools for Studio One.

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answered Mar 21, 2016 by musicmould (1,870 points)
Or even better still - build that feature into Studio One and make it the "go to DAW" for vocal and movie work!
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answered Apr 8, 2016 by davidjarnagin (320 points)
I'd like to  see the same tight integration with Synchro Arts Revoice Pro.  It is far too cumbersome at present.
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answered Apr 28, 2016 by StereoLif (760 points)
Yes! It's pretty easy to use in Cubase, as well...not S1 yet.